...action, brutal ownage, incendiary kriegs, lots of frags, teamplay, madskillz, rape, conveyor, devirgination
...mindset, having fun, trolling, special sense of humor, "fuck you" attitude, bad VC:MP boys
...CHLENIX, aimbot, hacks, rulebreaking, getting banned for being too tough
...way and style of playing, spirit of rebellion, die-hardness
...80's heavy metal, Rock of Ages, Medic Glory, cocks
...screwdriving of clans
Quote from: logan
Теперь вы Fucking расистских носа я выброшу вас ебать меня меня и моего клана и просто помните, что вы сделали с тега Mazter, я думал, что мы были друзьями, но я этого не сделаете, я вижу, что вы нацистских дискриминатор остановка шуруповерты кланов, которые не имеют ничего расистского Эхо Fucking сосать мой член.

Words aren't enough to express what is hidden behind these two pointless letters. An irrational phenomena that you cannot verbally describe but only experince and feel. Italics written above are just an attempt to find suitable epithets. More or less, but they are somewhere close to WK essense - with a little touch of self-irony :)
The story began in 2009 when trolled south-american teenager used Google translator to make his angry message to us. Translator failed hard and created some nonsense but among this absurd there were WK letters. By 2010 it became a name for a group of VC:MP players united to play together and have fun. Following years were full of what is mentioned in epigraph and much more! And this amazing, great and exciting journey still goes on...
...with playing together and having fun