WK Ultimate EC Rape:
Unbeatable army of medics is wiping out the streets devastating everyone on it's way... Vice War 5 in a nutshell
Metal clang of m60s echoes through location where dead bodies lay around... Mr. Ladder & some noname vs. Xyutebe. Pro skillz and teamwork by MK. DEADLY WHEELS ARE BACK FOR THE ATTACK 17.11.13
ULK+vassals Rape (unreleased):
Easy frags are falling from the sky.
Oranges Rape saga:

<@Bishop> but I totally ruined their teaming Burning noobs up Wheels! A glint of steel and a flash of light! Vice Legends TDM February 23, 2011 Director: Xyutebemydak Music: Tesla-Cumin' Atcha Live Judas Priest-You've Got Another Thing Comin' January 11, 2011 Director: Xyutebemydak Musik: Eduard Khil - vokaliz 1966 (Mr. Trololo)