Capture The Flag

VC:MP commnunity develops and reaches a new level. This level is called "Capture The Flag". This gamemode which is popular in many online games has finally reached VC:MP players' attention. This summer Capture The Flag server has become a place of intense fightings between the most famous VC:MP players. CTF is a choice of all progressive players of VC:MP and CTF server is becoming the center of VC:MP community. Why is this so? What makes CTF so special?

• Dynamic. CTF gamemode is fullfilled with ACTION. Respawn system makes sure your enemy will spawn again in order to KILL YOU. You can never rest. Heal system provides extra health points - rush, kill your enemy, get healed and continue to run riot. Spawn, pick your weapon and make yourself KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD!

• Webstats. The best killers, the best flag capturers, the best headshoters and the best VC:MP players are listed in our webstats. It covers every aspect of the game. Who's the best headshoter of VC:MP? Our webstats know the answer! And you can write your name there! Use your enemy blood to do this!

• Arenas. Action takes part in more than 60 arenas which covers different areas of Vice City. Tired of vanilla Vice City? Try UNIQUE CUSTOM MAPS, you've never seen before and will never see in other servers!

• Pro-players. Tired of killing noobs? Want to fight against REAL PROFESSIONALS? Do you think you're good enough? If yes, then join CTF server and play among the best! Show your skill and gain the fame on the battlefield!