16.07.2016 - Medic Photosession results

July 10th, as planned, Medic Photosession did happen.
32 players took part in this event, among whom were both legendary veterans of VC:MP, and the younger generation of players who had joined the medic movement. It was the first event of such kind in VC:MP: during the entire existence of GTA:VC multiplayer, anything similar to our photosession (in terms of scale and organization level) has never happened. We would like to thank ANONIMUL and [ON]KakaroT for scripting and hosting servers. Medic Photosession would not have taken place without their help.
It took about 25 minutes to form four lines of 8 players each. This is quite fast and it shows the level of medic players' self-organization. Photosession itself lasted 50 minutes. More than 200 screenshots were taken and almost everything was recoded at video.
Most of participants (16 out of 32) were members of ON clan which is Top 1 clan at EC server. Four players represented TRC and two - ULK. Others didn't belong to any VC:MP clan. But all of them together were representing one monolithic group. Unfortunately, few players weren't able to participate, so we replaced them using their nicknames.

P.S. In case someone is interested why we use medic skin. [OFF]Tom originally was a GTA:SA (SA:MP/MTA:SA) player. Back when he discovered VC:MP he was a member of ACF clan which used medic skin as it's clan skin. Since XE had medic skin too, Tom being ACF member started to use it on daily basis. That's how it all began.

ULTIMATE EC RAPE was the third and optional part of photosession program. It turned out to be the biggest medic raid VC:MP ever seen. In fact whole EC was conquered and dominated by Medics. Well, it isn't simple to describe ULTIMATE EC RAPE in details. So, long story short, it was actual ULTIMATE EC RAPE with lots of frags, rape, butthurts, tears and everything that goes together with proper ownage. Random noobs were conveyored and gangbanged. Some members of some clans (that unable to teamplay at all) entertained us with their butthurt. Some indian teenager joined "to test mods", but got raped instead. Medics were everywhere being hungry for blood. Almost everyone rq'd and many others shivered in IRC being too scared to join.
Two hours after terror had begun ULTIMATE EC RAPE has turned into massive sharks spawnrape: community boys were totally demolished by Medic power desperately trying to resist the unstoppable force. The only thing they succeeded in is increasing our kill scores.
Anyway, a picture paints a thousand words, so you should watch videos that =ULK=Sora_Blue made. Enjoy historical recordings bound together with 80's metal \m/