The Best VCMP Players

The best and most famous players of VC:MP belong to our team. Who are these guys that constantly shine in the spotlight? Who are those people that constantly beat everyone? Who are those who became VC:MP legends? Who are we?
We are the only uncompromising, self-sufficient, independent and distinctive team in VC:MP. A team that is legendary and unique, a team that gained fame and greatness on the battlefield of VC:MP. We are the best players of VC:MP, and our highest individual skills combined with well-coordinated teamplay make us close to invincible. Behind our shoulders lies long standing game experience, tens of thousands of kills, and over a hundred Kriegs. We are the unreachable top which dominates throughout the whole of VC:MP. This is the reality which you can encounter if you meet us in-game.
But who does the team consist of? See below -

[OFF]Tom VC:MPGrossmeister of M60. Started playing GTA Multiplayer modifications in late 2008, more specifically SA:MP followed by MTA:SA, where he took part in about 200 clan matches (including clan wars, tournaments, TCWs, sparts et cetera). Being the best Rustler pilot in GTA:SA, he won a number of Rustler dogfight tournaments. His motto is 'play smart'.
Has been playing VC:MP since the 26th of January, 2010. Likes VC:MP for its unique gameplay and dynamics. He is convinced that tactics and teamplay will always prevail.
Favorite weapons: M60, Molotov
Favorite vehicles: FBI Rancher, Angel, Hotring B
Favorite DM locs: Studio, Golf

210W VC:MPThe best headshooter of VC:MP. Played SA:MP from 2007 up to 2011 with breaks. Discovered Counter Strike Source in 2009 and later moved on to CS 1.6, having played the latter until 2013.
Started playing VC:MP in 2011, met UJIbU4 and joined #H&H. Brought some CS aiming tips along, having introduced similar techniques to suit VC:MP's mechanics. Took a big break in his VC:MP career but came back to The Team in late 2013. Introduced the fashion of 210W-styled nicknames in VC:MP. De-facto discovered M4 in this game.
Favorite weapons: M4, Shotgun
Favorite vehicles: FBI Rancher, Sanchez, Police cheetah
Favorite DM locs: Escobar International Airport

XTM / Xyutebemydak
XTM VC:MP Terse, fierece and cold-blooded executioner with an elegant nickname and inimitable charisma. The one gamer who can knock an entire heap of players by his sole appearance on the server. The patron of flawless teamplay. Destroyer of VC:MP evil.
Began his duty in the distant year of 2010 and successfully continues performing with excellence up to this day.
Favorite weapons: Spas Shotgun, Molotov
Favorite vehicles: Stinger, Hotring, VCN
Favorite DM locs: everywhere enemy getting raped

UJIbU4 VC:MP Tried a lot of games before ultimately having switched to VC:MP, examples being Half Life, CS 1.6 and Quake 3. Eventually switched on to VC:MP in 2007. Was an admin of the XE server but having been gravely disappointed by the intellectual level of the VC:MP community, he decided to stick only with The Team.
Pioneer and promoter of helikilling in VC:MP. Top 1 player of the XE European server. Holder of absolute VC:MP Top Score record: 1111 kills per join.
Favorite weapons: Spaz, M60, Laser sniper rifle, Rockets
Favorite vehicles: FBI Rancher, Angel, Deluxo, Stinger
Favorite DM locs: North Point Mall, Prawn Island, Downtown

[ON]HunTinG VC:MP Started playing VC-MP in the end of 2011. Met The Team in 2013 along with his friends Zeruel and ANONIMUL. Managed to prove his loyalty and later become the leader of the [ON] clan. Second non-Russian player in The Team. His strong leadership and high gaming level transformed ON into powerful and one of the most organized structure in VC:MP. His motto is "Think and concentrate".
Favorite Weapons: M4, M60
Favorite Vehicles: Hotring Racer, Sabre Turbo, FBI Rancher, Infernus, VCN Helicopter, PCJ600
Favorite DM loc: Golf, The Long Bridge 1 & 2

4kUM45 VC:MPThe Beast of VC:MP and M4. Started playing VC:MP for the first time in 2010, but gone inactive for 3 years. During his VC:MP inactivity he tried SA:MP and MTA:SA (in 2012). Returned in VC:MP in 2014, performed a wicked sick spree -5 headshots. He was a part of ULK in 2015 but left it in the same year (because it's been dead already). One of the best headshooters in VC:MP. Met The Team in their LW days of 2015. He is known as "Jihadist Akumas" because of his jihad tactics.
Favorite weapons: M4, Spas Shotgun, Molotov
Favorite vehicles: Cheetah, Infernus, PCJ 600, VCN
Favorite DM locs: Downtown, Prawn Island
4kUM45 VC:MP Hyperzon2 joined VC:MP in 2010 along with 4kUM45. In the end of 2011 he gone inactive for 3 years - until 2014. During this period he played CS and SA:MP, but in the end of specified year 4kUM45 brought him back in VCMP. At that time he met The Team. He liked the way WK play and decided to play only with them. Enjoys shooting heads and prefer to remain silent in-game.
Favorite weapons: M4, M60, Shotgun, Molotov
Favorite vehicles: PCJ 600, VCN, FBI Rancher
Favorite DM locs: Downtown, Little Havana
4kUM45 VC:MP Wishwanath started playing VCMP in 2014. In 2015 he switched to European City server where he met WK members. In the beginning of 2016 he joined [ON] having an invitation from his friend Hyperzon2. He's #1 EC player that holds the top of EC's Top Kills stats with incredible frag amount. He's one of the most resultative players in whole VC:MP history as well and the first one who achieved 100k kills in 0.4.
Favorite weapons: M4, M60, Shotgun, Molotov
Favorite vehicles: PCJ 600, VCN, FBI Rancher
Favorite DM locs: Downtown, Little Havana

=ULK=Noire VC:MPFound VC:MP by accident in late 2009, played mainly on one server before moving on to bigger ones in 2012 where he met The Team. He was part of a couple of clans in his time before ultimately settling down with ULK. Severely disappointed by the lack of intellect in VC:MP he decided to team up with WK in order to mock the playerbase, gradually getting to know the team he learned that there's much more to it than just blasting someone, mock them and then call it a day. His interest regarding teamwork and way of play by the team convinced him to permanently back them up and join them. Takes pride in his unmatched CQB skills and considers himself as the CQB specialist of the team.
Favorite weapons: M60, MP5, Stubby
Favorite vehicles: Sabre Turbo, VCN
Favorite DM locs: Downtown, Vercetti
These WK members left huge impact in VC:MP and our team, but aren't active anymore. Their names will remain forever in our history - they are true heroes and VC:MP veterans that were on the top during their time.
Phenomz VC:MPHe was a regular player in SA:MP, but found VC:MP by accident in 2009 so he decided to give it a try. He was a member of various VC:MP clans, small-scale and large scale. He met The Team when he was ULK member and found a higher form of gameplay in them. Gradually, he got to know more about their way of playing and communicating, then that's where Phenomz. decided to spend time with them, join their IRC channel and participate with them in the typical fights that happened in the servers. He came to the conclusion that an intelligent game in conjunction with the union of specialized players could always get and finish with victory.
Favorite weapons: M60, Colt, Molotov
Favorite vehicles: FBI Rancher, Sentinel
Favorite DM locs: Downtown, Vercetti State
Yuri VC:MP Mainly an RTS player who found VCMP by accident in late 2012. Joined VU in his search for a team. Noticed a big difference in the performance of the red team and the 'Russian squad' during Vice War 3, the latter having operated efficiently throughout all of the event. Didn't manage to find his place in VU, and so left it and played a lone wolf until he met The Team on the LW server in the late summer of 2013. He joined The Team without the so called 'respect' that all gaming community clans depend on, and so played with them in almost all of their 'kriegs'.
Developed skills in the so-called 'Virtual Jihad'. His outstanding rocket launcher skills instill fear in enemies, and he serves as a backbone support of The Team.
Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher
Favorite vehicles: Hotring B, Patriot
Favorite DM loc: Downtown office roof
=TRC=morphine VC:MPStarted playing VC:MP in the early days of January in 2011. Found VC:MP completely accidentally while googling for a multiplayer modification for Vice City itself. Was a member of a couple of VC:MP clans and since 2012 is the leader of his own gang that goes by the name of "The Renaissance Crew". Is known for spreading communist propaganda on LUnet and several community forums.
Favorite weapons: Stubby, M60
Favorite vehicles: Infernus, Patriot
Favorite DM loc: Prawn Island