29.03.2019 - 2014-2019: 5 years without XE
XE Server is deservedly considered as the best server that ever existed in VC:MP. The server whose legacy is still alive today. The server, which became a breakthrough in VC:MP Deathmatch. The server, that spawned great DM culture and born great players. The server, that established it's own mark.
This February-March marks exactly five years since events that led to XE server's decline. In early 2014, nothing foreshadowed trouble: XE was filled with action and remained the most popular and central server of multiplayer. In mid-February 2014, what happened was the beginning of the end of XE: citizens of Pakistan, who made up the major share of VC:MP playercount, were cut off from VRocker Hosing, which hosted some servers and VC:MP-related web resources. There was an intense discussion on the XE forums, while XE playercount abruptly collapsed - people of Pakistan simply could not connect to the server. XE, which had 30+ playercount weeks earlier, was now happy to have a playercount of 10-15.
On March 30, 2014, server staff corrected VPN rule, allowing Pakistani residents to connect using VPN. It didn't help. Playercount remained low and turned into session-oriened format. Staying mostly at zero, it was still raisable. The server was declining. Few kriegs happened in March-April (Oragnes Rape 5, Easter Rape and others), but in general all the server's action reduced to zero. By the summer of 2014 XE was abandoned. A couple of action sparks was ignited in June-July, but by this time it was obvious that XE was dead.
There were some reasonable questions to all who moderated, administraged, managed and ruled XE Server. To all who were given the privilege to maintain the best VC:MP server in it's history. Why the hosting was not changed quickly? The server moved to Sky City Hosting only in the late July, being already a corpse. Why the administrators, whose were as many as 30, practically did not participate in maintaining the playercount? Instead, playercount and action was rasied by a bunch of enthusiasts from the medic team. All these questions were left unanswered. And VC:MP was left without its best server.
Then two significant attempts to revive XE took place. In January 2015, medic team managed to ignite a series of kriegs, actualize the server and stabilize online at a more or less acceptable level. This success was put to an end by problems with script that struggled with warping. An unqualified scripter who was taken into the staff for his tongue skills was obviously unable to solve the problem. When VC:MP 0.3z master list finally closed on May 1, 2015, and the entire multiplayer switched to VC:MP 0.4, XE server no longer existed in a new VC:MP.
July 29th, 2016 - after a series of betas and hype around the upcoming comeback - XE finally opened in 0.4. Everything was going pretty well until a moment when the new server management decided to drop support of the main VC:MP actionmakers. The server predictably became unpopular and eventually died. This time - decisively.

XE's concept was originally created by ULKs - by people of American nation that throughtout it's history tends to expand borders of freedom to it's most possible level. It is a significant part of western culture in general. Freedom-oriened vision was applied to VC:MP and players got a server of almost absolute freedom. This concept was extremely successful. Players could teleport to any location they want, got almost any weapon (except minigun, teargas and remote grenades) they want, spawn anywhere, team with anybody, teleport to each other, heal anywhere and anytime. Players were no longer bound to default spawns and spawnweps. XE brought such commands like /saveloc /gotoloc /goto /team /spawnloc /heal /wep /spawnwep to get diverse and rich action. Server rules allowed various types of reasonable glitching. Such things like heli-killing, drive-by and Sea Sparrow were part of XE's deathmatch scene. XE's concept offered an ULTIMATE DEATHMATCH EXPERIENCE with almost no limits giving players an opportunity to bring maximum of themselves. To play in non-constraining conditions with a wide variety of DM methods and locs and to enjoy VC:MP deathmatch in its full experience. The punishment policy was lenient and list of prohibited thigs was pretty short. We also would like to note that the server was completely free from cultural, racial and religious prejudices - that are unfortunately extremely strong in present VC:MP. It is no wonder why XE spawned great DM culture and many great players - the server's environment was favorable for it.
5 years have passed and almost everyone from XE-Generation of players is gone. Server's legacy is still here, and there is a sort of XE-successor, but overall XE's idea of gaming freedom with it's deathmatch culture is diminished. There are 5 generations of players that never played original XE but they are the players that the present VC:MP playercount consists of. But some of us - XE players - are still here to rock...

We would like to publish XE's 0.3 statistics as of April 30, 2015 - the last day of original XE and VC:MP 0.3

Overall Stats Weapon Stats Bodypart Stats